Continuous vs. Discrete – a Leadership Discussion

Identify, Define, Execute Is leadership as simple as the headline suggest? Do you simply identify a problem, define a strategy or a solution to address it and then execute? Is the problem then gone? I worked in an organization many years ago that had a very strong management culture. Within this strong leadership culture, we… Continue reading Continuous vs. Discrete – a Leadership Discussion


A Philosophical Approach to ‘Someone Else’s Problem

Someone Else’s Problem From Wikipedia: Douglas Adams‘s 1982 novel Life, the Universe and Everything (in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy comedy science fiction series) introduces the idea of an “SEP field” as a kind of cloaking device. The character Ford Prefect says, An SEP is something we can’t see, or don’t see, or our brain doesn’t let us see, because we think… Continue reading A Philosophical Approach to ‘Someone Else’s Problem


TollyTalks Episode 1

A conversation between myself and Justin Miehle. Timestamps: 00:00 – Introduction 07:05 – Focus vs. Concentration Unconscious and conscious mind DISC model Connection to stress 21:35 – Decision making Spending money 30:25 – Organizational Psychology Intangible vs. Tangible value delivery Efficiency vs. Effectiveness 37:41 – Transition from technical to non-technical role Virginia Satir – Satir… Continue reading TollyTalks Episode 1