My Weekly Reflections

I have made it my practice to actively take the time at the end of every week to reflect. Now that I’ve started blogging again it is my intention to generalize and rewrite the parts that contain any details that should not be shared. This week that is not possible. The introduction however, makes for a reasonable attempt at describing how I use this to be able to reflect.

So here is the unedited beginning of my my weekly reflection piece:

This is not something that I actively think about throughout the week. This is a reflection piece on my observations of my own thoughts. That might be a mouthful to digest but let me try to explain. I have made it my practice to take notice of what is currently going on in my head, take a 3rd person perspective to observe what my mind is currently working on and make a note of it somewhere. This reflection piece is me revisiting those notes. Which usually are in the form of a headline or a brief abstract of the line of thinking that I observed.
With that said, the things I bring up here are not generally meant to be actionable, they are meant as a conversation starter if it is something that would be valuable to discuss.

This week’s reflection:

I didn’t sleep very well this night (Thursday to Friday), first of all I left the office on Thursday feeling confused and in disarray. I didn’t really have any clear thoughts on what was making me feel this way so I didn’t bother too much with it. But then I had trouble falling asleep. Woke up in the middle of the night where I dreamt that my bag had been stolen at an airport, and the only thing I did was lie down flat on my stomach crying, and I mean really crying. Now I haven’t read Freud’s publication on how to interpret dreams, nor do I have a big interest in the symbolism in general. But this one got me thinking. Since the behaviour in the dream was so far from me being congruent my mind started to process. This was in the middle of then night, so I went back to sleep after a short while. But I have spent the ENTIRE morning going over what my mind has brought me during the night. I woke up at 0615, was in the gym 0650, back in the apartment at roughly 0735, took a shower, selected what bow-tie to wear and then started the 33 minute morning walk to the office. Arriving at the office 0850 and now it’s 0902 as of the writing of this sentence. This is pretty much how all my weekdays look up until I get to the office. Why I chose to open with this part today is because there is one big thing differing from my regular routine. I have been having a monologue inside my head from the moment I woke up. The one day I leave my voice recorder in the office is the time I truly need it. I’ll try to fill you in on what has been going on in my head this week that apparently had its culmination this morning.

This is where the introduction ends and the actual content begins, which I usually structure on a topic by topic basis. Sometimes there is a red thread connecting several topics. This all depends, but the value this practice is giving me and the companies I work with is ever increasing.

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