The Life of a Scrum Master – a Never Ending Story?

Not so long ago I had a thought, or rather, I posed a question to myself.

What should the long term goal/vision be for a Scrum Master in a team?

Without having any time to consider my question, I had intuitively, already answered it.

Work Yourself Out of a Job?

I posted the question to a group on Linkedin, the discussion can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=842347&type=member&item=5996195995245912068&trk.

One of the early comments read as follows

The Long Term vision is to work yourself out of a job.

I think this statement is spot on, and really representative of what a Scrum Master should focus on. But I can also understand how it might sound strange to a lot of people.

All About That Mindset

It’s not actually about getting to a point where you find yourself unemployed. Since your goal should be to build a high performing independent team, you can’t allow yourself to get to a point where they depend on you. This is the key point in the life of a Scrum Master. If you constantly empower the team to be their own champions and remove their own impediments, nothing will hinder them from moving forward, fast. To get to that point you need to have this mindset and do everything you can to remove any dependency the team has to you.

Final Words

Corporate environments are however prone to change, and there will seldom be a situation where your expertise and skill is not needed if you manage to succesfully create high performing teams. In my view, the characteristic of making sure you are not needed by the team in the long run, is highly critical if you want to be a successful Scrum Master.

Being agile is not something you do, it is a state of mind!


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