Hello world!

This is my very first post on this blog!

So who am I?

In short I am a passionate agilist who truly believes in agile ways of working within software development.

A slightly longer version would say that I am a former software developer who never really liked the development work and couldn’t figure out why. Not until I was put in charge of orchestrating the transition to agile at my, by then, current employer. It was during this period that I truly found out why I never liked to work as a developer and I got to dig in to what motivates highly skilled engineers and how people behave in a group setting. Fascinating things indeed, and I started to question my choice to become an engineer and ask myself why I hadn’t pursued a degree in psychology.

Why do I feel like the world needs yet another blog?

Well… This blog is mainly for me. Recently I looked through my notes and realized that I have so many thoughts and observations and such written down that I would seriously need to go through them all to see what I have learned since the time of writing. My usual way of doing things is that I read or hear something somewhere, I find it interesting and try to figure out how I can use it, or something similar, in the environment I am currently in. Then I try it out and see what happens, and after that my intentions are to revisit my observations and see what I can learn from the experiment. The last thing is where I currently fail. I do revisit my experiments, but not as thouroughly as I would like. The process of writing my conclusions in a way that are meant for others to read is greatly beneficial for my own learning.

With that said, I hope this can be of help to someone other than me in the future.

Being agile is not something you do, it is a state of mind.


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